Costa Rica Finca Las Adelitas
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Costa Rica Finca Las Adelitas

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Costa Rica Finca Las Adelitas

Sweet and Smooth with notes of Caramel and undertones of Tropical Fruits this Costa Rica Natural has an excellent lingering finish! Also works great as an espresso with the Tropical Fruits and lively Acidity taking the forefront!

From Ally Coffee:

Don Ernesto Ruiz bought Las Adelitas more tan 30 years ago, together with Finca La Auxiliadora in nearby Santa Barbara and Finca Los Ruices in San Isidro de Heredia. All three farms enjoy the rich volcanic soil provided by the slopes of the Barva Volcano where they are located. Don Ernesto and his sons manage the farms, which produce 1300 fanegas annually. They challenge themselves to return to the production levels of his Ernesto’s father, who produced double the amount. Today they are renovating the property in section by replanting with disease-resistant, higher yielding varieties. To modernize production Don Ernesto focuses on maintaining lot separation from picking through milling in order to differentiate specialty coffee.