Vacation Pause

We are currently on Vacation and so our checkout is turned off until  the 7th of September! See you again soon!

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Holidays and Whats Next!

The online shop is up and running smoothly so far, big thanks to everyone who has already ordered and for those who haven't there is still time to get orders in for Christmas. Any orders received by 10:00 Thursday Dec. 21 will be shipped out and should arrive no later than Dec. 23. Our last day of the year for visiting the roastery in person is Wednesday Dec. 20 and then we will be back to our regular Mondays and Wednesdays in the new year. Last but not least an update on what's coming next! Over the holidays we will...

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Curiosity Coffee Company

Welcome to Curiosity Coffee Company!  I think the first question people ask is always why curiosity? The simple answer is because I am curious. Curiosity about the world and the people and cultures in it, is what lead me to where I am now and curiosity is what I want to inspire with my coffee.   My goal is to always provide coffees that can spark conversations, about taste, quality, ethics, the environment, and all the other things that go along with coffee. Over the years I have had the pleasure to learn and experience so much about this wonderful...

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